PEAK: General Education through Minors

PEAK: General Education through Minors

Check out the following Inside Higher Education article on the The College of Idaho’s PEAK program that allows undergraduate students to complete general education requirements by completing one major and three minors in different academic domains.  How do you see this curricular revision at The College of Idaho influencing the undergraduate students’ learning experience?  What implications would the PEAK program’s interdisciplinary curriculum hold over faculty, Teaching Assistants, and other college educators’ roles in the classroom? 


Digital Storytelling: An Electronic Mode of Active Learning

Digital Storytelling: An Electronic Mode of Active Learning

Happy spring semester to you!  

As you prepare your course assignments for the new term, check out the following Faculty Focus article on digital storytelling — an innovative, student-centered assessment approach that promotes creativity and critical thinking skills in learning new course content.  The article defines digital storytelling in the statement, “Students choose a topic, whether a personal experience or a persuasive essay, then find images to illustrate the topic and add a voice narrative. The experience teaches students how to understand the underlying significance of experiences and issues and how to express that significance to an audience.”  How do you see digital storytelling fitting in the assessment infrastructure and student learning experience for your course?