If your classroom was a movie genre .. what would it be?

Dr. Vincent Genareo argues that the classroom should have the same elements as a zombie movie (see article here).

According to Dr. Vincent Genareo, there are the six zombie movie characteristics that can help improve the classroom:

  1. Hook: grab the students’ attention
  2. Collaboration: implement group activities
  3. Problem Solving: allow opportunities for students to apply course material
  4. Risk-Taking: encourage students to master material despite possible failure
  5. Humor: relate to students
  6. Hope: provide feedback to students to demonstrate their progress in the course*

What movie genre is your classroom?

* I would also include in this element that you should summarize all students’ mistakes — from experience, students feel relief that they are not the only ones that made the same mistakes. This also gives you, as the instructor, a sense where your instruction may need improvement!


Activities for Engaging Students

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