Student Engagement in Online Learning Platforms

Are you currently teaching an online or hybrid course?  Are you planning to prepare an online or hybrid course for the spring semester?  Check out the following Faculty Focus articles about increasing student engagement via online learning platforms including thoughts about overall course design and online discussion question development.

Four Crucial Factors in High-Quality Distance Learning Courses

Online Discussion Questions That Work


Using Formative Assessments to Evaluate Student Participation

Using Formative Assessments to Evaluate Student Participation

As Teaching Assistants, we recognize that classroom participation and student engagement are both critical elements in a meaningful learning experience.  Evaluating participation and engagement, however, can often be pretty “fuzzy” based on teacher observations and student attendance records alone.  Check out the following Faculty Focus article that highlights how formative assessment strategies can be used to evaluate college students’ classroom participation.  How do you evaluate engagement and participation in your college classroom?