Looking forward to mid-term evaluations

At this point, your syllabus is set, your classes are starting to gel, and you’re beginning to settle into the rhythms of the semester–which means it’s a great time to think about how to upgrade your classes–before the crush of midterms, grading, crises, and finals comes on.

In a guest post for the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ProfHacker blog, Assistant Professor Meg Worley (Department of Writing and Rhetoric @ Colgate University) offers her formula for setting up midterm evaluations.

“It’s late January, and many of us are polishing our syllabi for spring semester. Others are already launched into the new term. Even if you are a couple of weeks into winter quarter, there is still plenty of time to plan for midterm course evaluations….”



“Graduate School Is a Means to a Job”

Interesting Chronicle article at http://chronicle.com/article/Graduate-School-Is-a-Means-to/131316/. What do you think?