Study Smarter, Not Harder

One of the major tasks in college teaching is helping students develop appropriate study skills and engage in class preparations that will bring them much success in your course.  How to Get Your Students to Come Prepared describes the use of “class preparation assignments” as informal, structured assignments that motivate students to complete all pre-class preparations (e.g., assigned readings) and engage in higher-order learning activities during the class session.  Why Students Should Be Taking Notes outlines findings from a research study that highlights how undergraduate students engaged in restructured note-taking opportunities serve as more meaningful learning opportunities compared to passively receiving instructors’ pre-made PowerPoint slides and lecture notes.

Mark your calendars!  The Rutgers TA Project is hosting a panel discussion, Helping Your Undergraduates Learn How to Study, led by experienced TAs from the Computer Science, Education, and Psychology departments who will share their insights on useful ways to engage their undergraduate students in “studying smarter, not harder.” Join us on Thursday, March 12th at 12:00pm in the Busch Campus Center (Room 117) for this TA professional development panel discussion.  Register here.