Complaining about Students Nowadays

A wonderful piece by Dr. Maryellen Weimer on the cancerous effects of complaining about ‘students these days’ .. In fact, despite continuously complaining about students being unprepared, unenthusiastic, unmotivated, etc., there is little data that supports that “students these days” are any different from “students those days!”


Approaching the Beginning of the “Job Search”

By far the most nerve-racking period of time for a Ph.D. student — finding a “job.” Between research and teaching, it seems like time flies by. Here is a helpful time table to help you keep on track!

The Use of Humor in Classroom: Appropriate or Not?

As instructors, we take what we teach seriously, which is often results in bland and dry material for students. Dr. Maryellen Weimer discusses how we can use humor (article linked here), to engage students and create a sense of community in our classrooms.