Equitable and Inclusive College Classrooms

Equitable and Inclusive College Classrooms

While you catch up on teaching plans and grading over spring break, check out the following Inside Higher Ed article outlining various teaching strategies in establishing equitable and inclusive learning opportunities in today’s college classrooms.  


“I Deserve a Better Grade on This.”

“I Deserve a Better Grade on This.”

As you return your college students’ graded midterm assessments, it is likely that one of your students may claim that he/she “deserve[d] a better grade” on his/her assignment.  Check out this Faculty Focus article on how to effectively encourage and navigate what may initially seem to be a difficult teacher-student conversation.

College Teaching with Online Resources

College Teaching with Online Resources

As a Teaching Assistant, how do you manage your students’ online accessibility of course materials through Sakai, eCollege, and other instructional portals/websites?  How do you integrate such online resource navigations with your in-person classroom management?

If you are an experienced or rising Teaching Assistant, check out the following ProfHacker blog post under The Chronicle of Higher Education that offers various college teaching professionals’ personal insight on managing online course materials.  Hope you find this useful as you plan your current or future college courses!