Helping Students Prepare for the End of the Semester

The end of the semester can be a stressful time for both students and their teachers. Graduate student instructors who are themselves taking classes have to worry about finishing their own assignments even as they cope with anxious students and end-of-semester grading. If you make sure your students are well informed about what is expected of them, you may be able to ease some of their anxieties and minimize later complaints and grade challenges.

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End of Semester Grading

Grading is an ongoing responsibility throughout any semester; many TAs, however, feel the pressures of grading especially strongly at the end of the term. As students worry about their final course grades, they may have more questions about your grading practices, more motivation to turn in late work, and more desire to do other tasks to enhance their end of semester grade. With all the grading-related demands that the end of the semester entails, it may become easy to view grading as a chore, rather than giving it credit for the wide array of uses that it can have.

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Student Engagement in Online Learning Platforms

Are you currently teaching an online or hybrid course?  Are you planning to prepare an online or hybrid course for the spring semester?  Check out the following Faculty Focus articles about increasing student engagement via online learning platforms including thoughts about overall course design and online discussion question development.

Four Crucial Factors in High-Quality Distance Learning Courses

Online Discussion Questions That Work