Peer Observation Program

The program is structured as a reciprocal peer observation process; TAs observe each other teach and provide feedback.

TAP will provide certificates to graduate students who participate. To receive a certificate, simply email or mail copies of the completed Peer Evaluation Template to us.

To aid participants, we’ve created an evaluative template of factors to observe and discuss with one’s peer.

Two further points are important concerning the evaluation template:

  1. Peer observers should not only critique each other, but provide concrete and practical suggestions for improvement; and
  2. It is intended as a flexible guide, not a rigid specification of necessary responses.

The Peer Observation Program is clearly a program that will benefit TAs who are in the same or similar disciplines and/or teach similar courses. However, it also has the potential for fostering true interdisciplinary interaction. The observer could, in effect, come to the class with an undergraduate’s background in the subject matter but with a pedagogical background on par with the instructor and thus offer a unique vantage point for evaluating the effectiveness of the class.

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